The Marseille start-up Fenotek raises 2.2 million euros

The Marseille start-up Fenotek raises 2.2 million euros Marseille, 30 March 2017 - Founded last year, Fenotek has developed Hi), the intercom of the future, "Made in France". Connected to the Internet, Hi) enables you to welcome visitors to your home with your smartphone, whether you are there or on the other side of the world. The application's video surveillance function can also use the high-definition camera to monitor the entrance to your home and keep it secure.

The Marseille start-up Fenotek has raised 2.2 million euros to finance the industrial production and marketing of the Hi) smart intercom.

After a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, Fenotek has also attracted institutional investors and business angels, and has just completed an initial 2.2-million-euro funding round with iSource Gestion (manager of the Angel Source innovation-focused venture capital fund), Turenne Capital (manager of PACA Investissement, the co-investment fund created by the PACA region with European financial support), CAAP Création (Crédit Agricole), Provence Business Angels (PBA), IAD, the P-Factory regional accelerator and the BPI.

« This first fund-raising campaign gives our project credibility while enabling us to accelerate production and support our commercial growth. Mostly involving regional players, this capital round gives us the means to establish lasting roots in our area. We are convinced that you need a strong local base to succeed globally, which is our ambition."  » - Bruno Davoine-CEO

Fenotek was selected from over 200 candidates by Business France to represent French innovation at CES in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2017.

Hi) will be available at the price of €399 inc. VAT from specialist stores and major DIY outlets from summer 2017.

About Fenotek

Founded in 2015 by Bruno Davoine, Didier Elbaz and Olivier Ros and supported by the P-Factory start-up accelerator in Provence, Fenotek offers innovative solutions for the smart home. It is developing the Hi) smart video intercom. The company is working hard to design a technologically complex device that is simple and accessible in use. Since the solutions it offers are innovative, relevant and designed for repeated use, Fenotek expects to quickly become a benchmark in the market for smart home access control.

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